Why Do Balloons Float? | Children's Museum of Atlanta

Why do balloons float?🎈

Welcome to Ask Professor Labcoat where Children’s Museum of Atlanta answers YOUR science questions! Our friend Liam wants to know why do balloons float? Kate (Professor Labcoat), our sharp, inquisitive and playful Science Educator, gave this answer: Balloons float because they are filled with helium! Balloons can be filled with different types of gas. The air we breathe is made up…
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STEM Tuesdays:Chemical Reactions | Children's Museum of Atlanta

STEM Tuesdays:
Chemical Reactions

Let’s learn about chemical reactions with one of Professor Labcoat’s favorite experiments! We’re going to use some simple chemicals to create a bubbly explosion. Before we get started, make sure you have what Professor Labcoat calls the two Gs: glasses to protect your eyes and a grownup to help out! Materials & Instructions Baking soda10…
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Music Mondays:Pitch Exploration | Children's Museum of Atlanta

Music Mondays:
Pitch Exploration

It’s Music Monday! Last week we learned about tempo when we created our bean tambourines; today we’re going to learn about something called PITCH.  What is pitch? Well, that leads us into our vocabulary words for the day. First, we need to know what SOUND is. Sound is vibrations moving through the air that can be heard when…
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Which Planet Is The Hottest? | Children's Museum of Atlanta

Which planet is the hottest?

Ask Professor Labcoat! Professor Labcoat tells us which planet is the hottest in our solar system.🔥(Hint: it’s NOT the planet closest to the sun!) You can #AskProfessorLabcoat YOUR science questions on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!
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Healthy & Wellness Fridays: Berry and Spinach Smoothie | CMA

Healthy & Wellness Fridays: Berry and Spinach Smoothie

Let’s get cooking! Parents, this is the perfect time to get your little ones involved in the kitchen. There are all kinds of fun things to explore – different textures, smells, tastes, and colors. This is also a great time to introduce your children to simple measurements. Ingredients & Instructions Ingredients:1 banana 1 cup of berries…
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