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Museum Recipient of Atlanta Fulton County Arts and Culture Grant

Children’s Museum of Atlanta (CMA) is delighted to be a recipient of a grant from Fulton County through the department of Fulton County Arts and Culture. The mission of Fulton County Arts and Culture is to insure all citizens’ access to the arts.  Funding from Fulton County supports the presentation of three feature traveling exhibits at the Museum for…
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Volunteer Highlight: Mikayla

The volunteers at the Children’s Museum of Atlanta are truly special. In addition to offering helping hands and welcoming smiles to the Museum floor and our education spaces, they also help CMA pull off our favorite events like Treat-or-Treat at the Museum.   McEachern High School Junior and MVP volunteer Mikayla is a stellar example. In addition…
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Impact of Object Play

We all know play is crucial to a child’s development physically, socially and cognitively. Play is so important, in fact, that the United Nations recognizes every child’s right to play as an official human right. But did you know there are distinct types of play, each with their own characteristics and benefits?   If you’ve seen an infant pull…
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Member Highlight: Joshua

When David Dorfman and Angelica (Angie) Govea Alvarez moved to Atlanta a year ago, they knew they wanted to find a children’s museum to visit with their son, Joshua. After about two weeks living in the city, they stumbled upon CMA and our mission – to change the world by sparking every child’s imagination, sense…
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Staff Highlight: Michael Kozicki

Meet Michael, our resident Play Ambassador here at Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Michael was born and raised in Georgia, and he has called it home for 29 years. Although he moved to North Carolina for college, he made his way back to Atlanta with a passion for inspiring young minds and imaginations.  Michael graduated from…
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