Fundamentally Food

Recommended Age:
10 months - 8 years

Choose vegetables and fruits from the farm, climb on our John Deere tractor, milk our milking cow, "Buttercup," load boxes on our delivery truck, and operate a fork lift. Shop 'til you drop in our grocery store. Enjoy a healthy pretend meal while relaxing at our play diner.

Farm +

In addition to favorites such as Buttercup the cow and our John Deere Tractor, the farm area includes a new chicken coop where children may collect eggs, a Georgia-grown planting area, and two computer interactives: one that demonstrates the many jobs needed in order to make a farm run and the other that illustrates how different seeds grow.

Grocery Store +

Children learn math and coordination skills as they fill up their grocery carts, stock groceries on the shelves, use the cash register, work in the deli, and run their own grocery store filled with nutritious options.  

Delivery Truck +

How does our food get from the farm to the grocery store? The delivery truck, of course! Children “drive” the Museum delivery truck and use the conveyor belts to move important goods to and from the neighborhood grocery store.

Cafe +

Pretend play is front and center at the CMA Cafe. Children will love playing chef behind the grill, taking orders at the counter, creating menus of healthy food options, and ordering meals all on their own.