Girl Scout v4

The Childrens Museum of Atlanta will offer girl scout workshops on weekends beginning January 1st, 2024. Workshops will fulfill all badge requirements of select Daisy and Brownie STEM badges. Pricing for each workshop is $250 plus tax. Included in the price is 2 hours of playtime in the museum for up to 12 girl scouts and 3 adults, a 45 minute - 1 hour educator led workshop, and a Children’s Museum of Atlanta Patch.  

All physical Girl Scout badges must be purchased through Girl Scouts of America. The Museum does not offer physical badges.  


Entrance: 9:30am

Workshop Start Time: 11:30am


Entrance: 1:00pm

Workshop Start Time: 3:00pm

Scouts can work toward earning their Craft and Tinker badge and learn about the engineering process by inventing, designing, and building a prototype of a toy in this workshop. Participants will use imaginative play and critical thinking to create a toy out of materials provided.

In this workshop, Girl Scouts will learn all about what robots are and the different tasks robots can be designed to do. Participants will then use engineering concepts to work together to design a robot to help in the event of a natural disaster, and learn ways that robots help people in the real world.   

To book your visit today, call our Reservations Department at 404-527-3693 or email us at [email protected].