Step Up To Science

Recommended Age:
2 - 8 years

We’re proud to debut the third installment in our Step Up to Science. Catch a WaveA Sound and Light Exhibit is designed to enhance children’s STEAM understanding, offering interactive opportunities to explore shadows, sources of light, color theory, vibrations, and properties of sound using waves

Laser Table +

At the Laser Table, change the angles that the light follows from the laser. With an array of adjustable mirrors and lenses, direct the light beam across the table surface.

Colorful Shadows +

We need light to see and that light is reflected from surfaces. Explore shadows and learn how shadows are formed when a light source is blocked by an opaque object.

Pixel Pegs +

Be inspired and share your inner artistic ability with the Pixel Pegs!  The bright, vivid colors of the illuminated pegs will reel you in with all the images and colors you can make!

Touchable Sound +

This unique interactive provides an opportunity to not only hear the sound wave you control, but also to touch and see it!

Norilla +

Children will design structures to withstand earthquakes and learn how they can be improved.

Keva Planks +

Enter the world of architectonics and design your own structure. See your imagination take shape as you turn simple materials into extraordinary creations. 

Color Wheel +

The Color Wheel combines hands-on science with creativity. Discover the real-world science of color theory as you explore primary and secondary color combinations to uncover new hues, shades, and tints.

Prisms +

Learn about Prisms and the process of light and refraction!

Standing Wave Tube +

The Standing Wave Tube creates a visual representation of the auditory phenomena of frequency, wavelength and amplitude. As sound is generated, the pressure waves moving through the tube causes the wire to show the sound's waveform!

Air Cannon +

Air will be propelled out of the end of the cannon and move the shimmering curtain hanging from the museum ceiling.

Wentzcope +

Learn about light and magnification but also about various science concepts, from seeing the structure of a child’s hair to more advanced botanical or medical slides.

Magnetic Race Track +

Dive into the concepts of mass, matter, and velocity by designing race tracks to compare speed and updating the design of their cars to alter the weight.

*The Race Track is now in Innovation Station.*


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