Step Up To Science

Recommended Age:
2 - 8 years

*Pardon our Progress! Step Up to Science will be closed June 21 - 25 as we prepare for the grand opening of Cause & Effect: Forces and Motion on June 26. Watch this space for more information.*

Marvel at the inner workings of the human body, the wonder of light, and the technology of robots in this new permanent mezzanine-level exhibit. Step over to the Science Bar and order a hands-on demonstration or experiment.

Technology +

Move your whole body to explore simple machines using VR technology and challenge yourself to pick up a ball using a robot arm. 

Engineering +

Children and adults can test their problem solving skills by tackling engineering challenges. Craft a paper airplane and see how far it will fly or build a contraption using Keva planks.

Light & Energy +

Experiment with different types of light and discover how it travels.  Explore the science of color with a large scale light box. Step onto a white dance floor and discover how you can create colorful shadows.

Science Bar +

Grab a lab coat and pair of goggles and step on up to the Science Bar where children will participate in hands-on demonstrations lead by the Museum’s Professor Labcoat. Learn all about chemical reactions, germs, light, the human body and so much more.  


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