Gateway to the World

Recommended Age:
10 months - 8 years

Travel the world right here at the Children's Museum of Atlanta. Visit six continents, launch a rocket, and climb through the layers of the Earth in the Museum's newest and largest permanent exhibit.

Globe +

Explore the layers of the earth in this 2-story climbing structure at the center of the Museum. Once children have reached the earth’s center, they may use kid-power to make the outer skin of the earth spin. 

Continent Tables +

Learn about six of the world’s continents, their geography, river systems, and animal life at the Museum’s interactive continent tables. Children can feel an earthquake on a shake table in South America, test the temperature of a glacier in North America, find the major cities in each country and push trains throughout the landscape.

Rocket Launcher +

Be a rocket scientist! Design and build a rocket and then launch it to the planets. Will it reach Mercury? Mars? Jupiter? If it didn’t make it, re-design your rocket and try again! Young astrophysicists will learn about physics and engineering with this hands-on activity.

The Climber +

How high can you climb?  This two-story structure helps children see the museum from a new point of view as they build their climbing skills and confidence levels. 

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