Gateway to the World

Recommended Age:
10 months - 8 years

Travel the world right here at the Children's Museum of Atlanta. Visit six continents, launch a rocket, and climb through the layers of the Earth in the Museum's newest and largest permanent exhibit.

Globe +

Explore the layers of the earth in this 2-story climbing structure at the center of the Museum. Once children have reached the earth’s center, they may use kid-power to make the outer skin of the earth spin. Due to the tight space and inability to allow for social distancing, the Globe is currently not accessible.

Continent Tables +

Learn about six of the world’s continents, their geography, river systems, and animal life at the Museum’s interactive continent tables. Children can feel an earthquake on a shake table in South America, test the temperature of a glacier in North America, find the major cities in each country and push trains throughout the landscape.

Rocket Launcher +

Be a rocket scientist! Design and build a rocket and then launch it to the planets. Will it reach Mercury? Mars? Jupiter? If it didn’t make it, re-design your rocket and try again! Young astrophysicists will learn about physics and engineering with this hands-on activity.

The Climber +

How high can you climb?  This two-story structure helps children see the museum from a new point of view as they build their climbing skills and confidence levels. Due to the tight space and inability to allow for social distancing, the Climber is currently not accessible.

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