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May 18, 2024 - September 8, 2024

Discover Your Story! Join Tracey the pencil dog and her crew on a fantastically immersive journey to create stories using art and science. Channel your creativity using animation basics such as storyboarding, sketching, stop-motion movie making, and more!

Check out all the fun happening in our new featured exhibit, Animationland!

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Tracey's Studio +

Just like animators, use a storyboard to develop your very own story. Place storyboard cards together to create an animation and watch it come to life on screen! Stop by the drawing studio to draw up your own animation and share your art work!

Blub-Glub Village +

In the underwater world of Blub-Glub Village, enjoy an iconic full-body experience as you join your little ones to create a 14-frame animation!

Prickle Desert +

Visit the Prickle Desert and test out the Mutoscope that shows a reel of images like a flip book animation. Learn all about animation like the different frame rates, the concepts of movement, and more! 

Comfort Peaks +

Have your little animator use fun props as they create their very own animation in Comfort Peaks! Immerse yourself into a cozy world of smiling mountains, wacky space creatures, and Rooth the lumbering mountain in this photo op!

Forgotten Forest +

Learn what it takes to be a Foley artist! This Foley booth challenges our animator friends to add sounds to a short animated clip using ordinary objects and props.


The exhibit has been made possible by the generous support of:

OTB - Fulton