Leaping into Learning

Recommended Age:
0 - 5 years

Enter a magical forest, cast your rods, catch colorful fish, and go under our waterfall without getting wet! Climb in our tree house and see animals from the forest. Babies and toddlers will love the bubble wall, play car and little house built just for them.

Toddler Zone +

Infants and toddlers explore the world around them as they role play in a small house, drive the car, and learn early science skills by playing with the bubble and light interactive wall.

Fishing Pond +

At the Museum's water interactive, children can catch magnetic fish and discover why some items float and others sink. Raincoats provided!

Treehouse +

Children create their own adventures as they climb through the Museum Treehouse, featuring a puppet theatre space where imaginations take center stage.

GA Environment Interactive +

Toddlers learn new words and expand their vocabulary and alphabet skills at the GA Environment Interactive, sponsored by PNC.