TiNY CLUB: Self-Love Self-Portrait

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Welcome back to Tiny Club! Every Monday, we’ll share an activity themed around our book of the month. This month’s book is I Am Enough by Grace Byers. Today, we’re making self-love self-portraits and learning how to build ourselves (and each other) up. For today’s project, we want the whole family to get involved!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A mirror
  • Paper
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils

First, look at yourself in the mirror. What do you notice about yourself? What color are your eyes? What about your hair? Do you have any freckles? Look at your ears, your mouth, your nose. Give a big smile, then make a silly face. You might not see your face all the time, but your friends and family do – and they love it!

Think about your face and what you love about it. Do you love the way your eyes shine? What about the way you smile? Do you think your nose is pretty cool?

Next, start drawing your face. You can look in the mirror while you draw to help you remember. Draw all the things that you love about yourself!

Now, think about some of the things you love to do. Are you a great gardener? What about a star soccer player? Do you really love to read or paint? Draw pictures of some of the things you’re good at or love to do. 

Once you’re done with your portrait, share it with your friends and family. Talk about the things you love about yourself and each other. Grown ups, it’s important for you to do this activity too – kids need to see that you value yourself, too. 

Marleigh loves to fix things and she loves her eyebrows!

Marleigh created her own self-love self-portrait. Her favorite things about her face are “her very expressive eyebrows” and she loves to “fix things and making people laugh, which is easy with the eyebrows”. Send us pictures of your self-love self-portrait!


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