Introducing Parker Singletary as CMA’s Education Sales Coordinator

Introducing Parker Singletary as CMA’s Education Sales Coordinator | Children's Museum of Atlanta
Meet Parker Singletary!

Children’s Museum of Atlanta is ecstatic to welcome Parker Singletary into his new role as our Education Sales Coordinator. In this role, Parker will be the primary contact person for educators and administrators looking to learn more about field trips or On-The-Gos with CMA. While Parker may be new to this position, he’s no stranger to Children’s Museum of Atlanta or our mission to change the world by sparking every child’s imagination, sense of discovery and learning through the power of play. 

Originally from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Parker relocated to Atlanta to pursue his acting career after earning his BFA in Theatre Performance from the University of Southern Miss. “In college, I learned I loved to entertain. I like talking to people and I like making people smile,” says Parker. After working at Actor’s Express where he acted, understudied, help to build sets, hang lights, build circuits and engage patrons he began working in different acting jobs around the Atlanta metro area. It was then that a theater friend connected him to Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Introducing Parker Singletary as CMA’s Education Sales Coordinator | Children's Museum of Atlanta
Parker in action at an On-The-Go!

“I was hired as an actor doing On-The-Gos in the community and in-house Imaginator work,” he explains, “that’s when I realized I really enjoyed performing for kids. They’re a great audience because they want to have fun and it’s easy for them to escape into the experience. It’s easy to pull them into it if you’re entertaining them.” Over time his love for performing blossomed into a love for learning through play. “I started as an actor but I also fell in love with doing the workshops! I had a lot of fun and I became really proud of that work because the kids were learning and also really enjoying themselves.” As a part of our Outreach team, Parker facilitated educational workshops with children all over Atlanta on subjects like art and creativity, weather preparedness, earth science, different cultures around the world, and circuits and electricity. During his three and a half years in Outreach, Parker supported CMA’s work in schools and community organizations as a facilitator, as the interim Manager of School Outreach Programs, and as the Outreach Lead. “As interim Manager and Lead I was able to learn a lot about the bookings process, talk to a lot of teachers and train new Outreach folks to prepare them for doing the workshops,” he said. 

Introducing Parker Singletary as CMA’s Education Sales Coordinator | Children's Museum of Atlanta
All smiles with Mr. Parker!

Now Parker looks forward to bringing those skills and passion to his new role. “Something that I pride myself on is being able to talk to people. And I’m looking forward to building these relationships with educators and administrators. I specifically like talking to teachers because they’re the ones that are with their kids all day. They’re the ones getting the field trip experience, they’re the ones coming!”

“It’s our job to spark curiosity, discovery, and learning and to make it fun,” added Parker. “Kid’s minds are being opened up and when they open up here I think they’re taking in so much and it’s fun for them, and that’s extremely important.”

Parker says he’s especially motivated to do better each day than the day before, “each kid who visits us has a great big future ahead of them. By improving every day we’ll only make their experiences better and hopefully have a small impact that will ultimately make their whole lives better.”

So how does Parker feel about the new gig? 

“I’m super duper stoked!”

To learn more about field trip and On-The-Gos or to schedule yours today you can reach Parker via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 404-527-3771.


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