Health & Wellness Fridays: Emotions Wheel

Let’s talk about feelings! We have a lot of feelings right now. We’re sad that you can’t visit us today, but happy that we get to share activities with you to do safely at home (and excited to see you again soon!). We’re guessing that you and your family have a lot of feelings right now, too. Today we’re going to create an “emotions wheel” to help us talk about the different emotions we might feel.

Materials & Instructions

Materials: Paper plate; paper; drawing supplies (crayons, colored pencils, or markers); scissors; a metal brad or a twist tie (like you would find on a bag of bread). 

Step 1: Use your drawing supplies to draw pictures of your face around the edges of the paper plate. Give each picture a different emotion. What are some emotions that you feel right now? Some examples of emotions are happy, angry, surprised, afraid, silly, excited, and shy.

Step 2: Use your scissors to cut out a small arrow from your paper. Use your drawing supplies to color or decorate the arrow.

Step 3: Attach your arrow to your paper plate. You can use a metal brad like we did, or you can create your own brad using a twist tie.

Step 4: Use your new wheel to show how you are feeling. Are you happy? Sad? Excited? Talk about your feelings with your family.

In Gaia Cornwall’s book, Jabari Jumps, Jabari also had a lot of emotions! Listen to the book together, then talk about what Jabari felt.

Vocab List

Emotions: When we talk about emotions, we’re talking about how you feel in your mind. Emotions are different than some of the other feelings we might have, like hunger or sleepiness. Some emotions we might feel are happiness, sadness, excitement, or fear. 

Courage: Courage means to be brave even if things are scary. Jabari was scared to jump off the diving board, but he was still courageous even though he was a little scared.  

Encouragement: Encouragement is when you support or help someone who is feeling scared or sad. You can give them hope or courage. Jabari’s dad gave him encouragement when he told Jabari that taking a deep breath can help make things seem less scary.

Check out this Social/Emotional Playlist:


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