March 9, 2024 from 5:30PM - 7:30PM

Science gives us all superpowers! Dress up as your favorite superhero and come to Children’s Museum of Atlanta to learn how to save the world with the power of science! We're exploring aerodynamics, the chemistry of invisibility, combustion, magnetism, physics and more. 

We will have stations set up all around the Museum perfect for the littlest of superheroes to learn about science!

Grab your tickets and come ready to learn how to save the world!

Tickets are $10 for members and $25 for non-members.

Learn all about science during the Atlanta Science Festival in March!

Science Stations

Check out our Superhero Science Night fun!

Build a Batmobile +

It's a bird, it's a's Batman! At Innovation Station, kids will build a Batmobile for them and Robin to ride around in and learn all about aerodynamics!

Volcanic Eruptions of Fun +

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Gather around at the Science Bar and celebrate one of our favorite Earth Benders from The Legend of Korra, Bolin, as you learn about the different elements and the chemical reaction to make volcanoes erupt!

Bottle Rockets +

1...2...3...LIFT OFF! Join us at the CMA Stage to learn about combustion like our dear friend, Rocket the Raccoon and watch how to make bottle rockets that will fly in the sky like a real Guardian of the galaxy!

Disappearing Face +

With great power, comes great responsibility. Come turn invisible like Miles Morales using the science of light and tin foil!

Black Light Art +

Superheroes one and all! In the Art Studio practice your superhero forcefield to protect yourself and create secret images that can be seen in the dark just like Raven from Teen Titans.

Homopolar Motor +

Create a motor using magnets, batteries, and wire! Learn what is needed to power a super suit like Iron Heart and Iron Man!

Decatur Makers +

Learn about creating superhero cosplay props! Join the Decatur Makers and learn how they were created using equipment at the maker space. 

Ferrofluid Demonstration +

Learn how ferrofluid can be manipulated with magnetism just like Venom bonds to its hosts in this demonstration!


Huge thanks to our sponsors for helping us make this day possible!


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