Children’s Museum of Atlanta seeks to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all guests, where everyone is free to imagine, discover, and learn through a hands-on play experience! It takes all of us to do our part in acting responsibly and staying considerate of others during our time at the Museum. Please review the following guidelines for more details on how you can help us provide a highly engaging and inclusive experience! 
Code of Conduct

We Exercise Kindness

Please use positive, encouraging behavior while inside the Museum. Avoid profane and explicit language, harassment, and aggressive behavior.  


We Engage In Respectful Behavior

Please share and take turns while inside the Museum. Remember to treat the exhibits well, so that other guests have a chance to experience them! 

Code of Conduct (3)

We Assume Good Intentions

Children may unintentionally touch or bump into each other while actively playing and exploring inside the Museum. Please be patient and understanding. 

Code of Conduct (4)

Additional Codes To Follow

  • Stay Together, Play Together: Adults MUST stay with their children at all times!  
  • Always Use Helping Hands: Explore, share, and put things away! 
  • Always Use Walking Feet: No running, please, for the safety of yourself and others! 
  • Make Memories, Don’t Miss Them!: You are your child’s first teacher and playmate. We encourage a screen free experience, unless capturing precious memories.  

By visiting CMA and/or a CMA event, you accept our Code of Conduct and further acknowledge that CMA reserves the right to deny or revoke access to any person whom CMA believes is violating our Code of Conduct. Noncooperation with our Code of Conduct may result in your being required to leave and being denied access to CMA in the future.