Tools for Solutions

Move the balls through our giant ball machine using six simple machines. Use real tools and materials in our Build-It Lab. Learn how to attach make-believe wires, connect pipes, and insulate walls in the Construction House. Create skyscrapers and design the city of the future with our city blocks.

Build-It Lab +

Older children (ages 6-9) will enjoy this supervised space where they have access to real tools and materials needed to spark creativity, nurture curious minds, and ignite the next wave of innovators. Woodworking and other popular maker skills encourage visitors to be curious, creative, and innovative during our classes held every hour. Be sure to sign up!

Ball Machine +

Using the six simple machines — pulleys, levers, screws, inclined planes, wheel and axle, and wedges — children of all ages will have fun moving the balls around the machine, loading them onto the crane, and figuring out how the Museum's popular ball machine works.

Construction House +

Does your child ever ask why a light goes on when he flips a switch? Or how the water gets from the ground to your kitchen sink? Using hands-on interactives, children will learn how to hook up electrical lines, control plumbing, and insulate walls in order to create the perfect house. Using our giant magnet board, children will become architects and create their dream home for all to admire.

City Blocks +

With a backdrop of Atlanta's skyline, our younger visitors learn building and early math through different types of block play. They practice their engineering skills on the Museum's giant magnet wall, building bridges and performing other amazing feats of balance.

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