When I am in 3rd Grade

Third graders are still building their big and small muscles and may enjoy riding bikes, jumping, running, and rough-and-tumble games with peers. They are starting to read for understanding and their world is expanding beyond themselves. Third graders may enjoy being a part of a team or group.

Third graders are able to talk through and solve problems. They may be interested in puns as their vocabulary skills increase. Although third graders are gaining independence and academic knowledge, their ability to process and understand is enhanced tremendously by conversations with knowledgeable adults.

Self-directed play is an important part of a third-graders’ development and should be encouraged.

I am able to read a variety of text.

Activity in the Museum: Encourage your third grader to be the tour guide for your family. She can read the labels to you and her younger siblings.

My understanding of geography will expand from local regions and topography to global concepts such as the Equator and Prime Meridian.

Activity in the Museum: In Gateway to the World, identify different continents and imaginary lines such as the Equator on the Globe. Watch as your child travels up to the center of the Earth!

I will explore many different new mathematical concepts in 3rd grade including operations and algebraic thinking, fractions, and geometry.

Activity in the Museum: Integrate math vocabulary into conversation and highlight mathematical thinking as you are playing together. Tools for Solutions, Step up to Science, and Fundamentally Food are areas with ample opportunities.

The major concepts I am learning in 3rd grade science are those about the Earth and about physical and life science. It is best when I am encouraged to be curious and use resources to find solutions to problems.

Activity in the Museum: Explore Step up to Science together. Move around the different exhibits – don’t forget the Science Bar – to gain hands-on experience with several 3rd grade science concepts.

I am working to participate on teams or in group activities involving physical activity.

Activity in the Museum: Work together at the Rocket Launch Pad in Gateway to the World. Discuss why rockets that you launch are going high or far. Try and catch a rocket!


  • Bake Shop Ghost by Jaqueline Ogburn
  • Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine
  • Kamishibai Man by Allen Sai
  • Roxie and the Hooligans by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor