When I am in 1st Grade

First graders are active and have mastered running, leaping, and rolling but are still developing skills such as catching, kicking, and throwing. They enjoy structure and are getting better at understanding the rules of organized games. Their writing skills are steadily increasing and they are able to create and recount stories through various modes.

First graders love to show off their talents and enjoy sharing and playing with friends. They are still developing socially and emotionally and rely on the guidance of caring adults as they work out conflicts with peers.

Although many first-graders are transitioning to a more formal school setting, play is still important and should be encouraged.

Understand and talk about stories I read.

Activity in the Museum: Several areas in the museum, such as City Blocks in Tools for Solutions and the Resource Room in Leaping Into Learning, have books available to read. Have your child practice “reading” by describing the pictures and interpreting the story for you. Later in the school year, if he/she is a reader, then have them read a story to you.

I can identify, describe, and explain basic economic ideas (goods, services, scarcity, producers and consumers, spending and saving).

Activity in the Museum: Fundamentally Food can spark so many conversations about our economy. You and your child can talk about how food gets from The Farm to the home. As you shop in the Grocery Store, talk about producers and consumers.

I can build, draw, and name geometric figures.

Activity in the Museum: Sit together at the Sand Tables in Let Your Creativity Flow. Fill the molds with sand to build and talk about 3D shapes.

I want to find answers to questions by observing and investigating the world around me.

Activity in the Museum: Explore Step Up to Science together. Move through the different exhibits while wondering aloud and asking each other questions.

I love to move. I can hop, jump, leap, and am proficient in moving different directions at different levels.

Activity in the Museum: Moving throughout the Climber in Gateway to the World will be challenging and fun.


  • Alligator Boy by Cynthia Rylant
  • Castaway Cats by Lisa Wheeler
  • Herman the Helper by Robert Kraus
  • Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle
  • Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, Verna Aardema
  • Margaret and Margarita: Margarita y Margaret, by Lynn Reiser