TiNY CLUB: Leaf Rubbings

Welcome to Tiny Club! This month we’re reading Britta Teckentrup’s Tree and learning all about trees and the changing seasons. Last week we learned about why leaves change colors in the fall; today, we’re going to learn how trees get their nutrients with leaf veins.

First, let’s take a closer look at our leaves. What do you notice? Do you see tiny lines running along the front and back of your leaf? Those lines are called veins. If that word sounds familiar, that’s because we also have veins. In our bodies, veins carry blood back to our heart. In leaves, veins carry water and nutrients around the tree to keep the tree healthy and strong. The veins also help give leaves structure and help them keep their shape. They can be incredibly intricate and form beautiful patterns. Next time you’re outside, see if you can spot some leaf veins!

Now, let’s use simple drawing materials to sketch some leaf veins.




Step 1. Place your leaf underneath your paper with the back touching the paper.

Step 2. Using your crayon, gently scribble over the paper and the leaf. You should see the leaf’s outline and veins. Remember that the veins carry water and nutrients to the tree.

Step 3. Repeat with as many different leaves as you’d like!


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