When I am 3

Three-year-olds are still growing, but not as fast as they used to. They are great runners and may be able to jump up and down on one foot without falling. They are starting to use their fine motor controls and are brushing their teeth, drawing with crayons, and building towers with blocks.

Three-year-olds are rapidly developing their language skills as they are focusing on new words and how to use them. Three-year-olds like repetition and will listen to the same story repeatedly. They have active imaginations and enjoy playing dress-up and role-playing. Three-year-olds are beginning to understand behaviors and learning empathy towards others.

Although I am pretty fast, I still need work developing my gross motor skills and confidence.

Activity in the Museum: Go into the Climber in Gateway to the World. See how high they can go!

I am curious about unfamiliar things in my environment.

Activity in the Museum: Walk up the piano staircase on the way up to Step Up to Science.

I am starting to be able to count and I am beginning to create patterns.

Activity in the Museum: Count how many fish you can reel in at the Fishing Pond in Leaping Into Learning.

I continue to improve my social skills with adults and other children.

Activity in the Museum: Take turns driving the tractor on the Farm in Fundamentally Food.

I am increasing my skill with language – both verbal and non-verbal.

Activity in the Museum: Check out the Construction House in Tools for Solutions. Compare it to your house.


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