TiNY CLUB: I Am Enough

Good morning and welcome to our first digital TiNY CLUB Storytime!

If you’ve participated in TiNY CLUB at CMA before, you know that we hold toddler-appropriate art, science, maker and storytime sessions every Monday at 11:00 AM. Starting today, we are moving our TiNY CLUB program online! On the first Monday of the month, we’ll introduce our book of the month with a storytime video, vocabulary and discussion questions. The following Mondays of that month will feature a different art, maker, or science activity inspired by the book.

Our July book of the month is I Am Enough by Grace Byers with illustrations by Keturah A. Bobo. Watch our storytime below, then dive deeper with vocabulary words and discussion questions. Tune in next Monday for a special art activity; we’ll be making self-love self-portraits together! 💛

Vocabulary Words:

Enough: To have everything you need.
Soar: To fly high in the air. 
Dictate: To control or determine.

Discussion Questions:

What are some activities you noticed the children doing in the book?
Which activities have you done? Which would you like to do? 
How do you think the child felt after she fell down right before the finish line?
How did her friends help her?
If “enough” means to have everything you need, what does it mean when the children say “I am enough”? 
Can you say that with them? “I am enough!” 


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