STEM Tuesdays:
Bean Sprouters

Let’s plant some beans! Spring is in the air, and nature is blossoming all around us. Regardless of whether you’re indoors or out, do this simple botany activity with us to learn about plant growth.

Materials & Instructions

Step 1: Moisten your paper towel or soil with water. 

Step 2: If you’re planting indoors, put your paper towel into a small container and plant your bean! If you’re planting outdoors, pick a nice sunny spot.

Step 3: Water your bean every day. After a week, you should see a tiny sprout! If using a ziploc, be sure to keep the ziploc open! Don’t suffocate the baby plant. 😁

Vocab List

PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Photosynthesis is when plants take sunlight and turn it into food. Your bean sprouter needs plenty of sunshine to grow.
Question: What else do plants need other than sunshine? Well, they need water – that’s why we water them every day. They also need something called carbon dioxide. We can’t see carbon dioxide, but it’s in the air around us! 

BLOSSOM: Blossom can mean two different things. Blossom can mean a flower: “Look at that blossom on the tree!” Blossom can also mean to grow or to grow flowers. “Look at that tree blossoming!”
Question: What kinds of plants do you see blossoming around you?

BOTANY: Botany is a special kind of science that studies plants. Scientists who study plants are called botanists. 
Questions: Can you be a botanist today and study the plants around you? What do you notice? How many different kinds of plants can you find?



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