Literacy Thursdays: Storytime with Bria!


  • Elegant: to be graceful and stylish. Imagine a ballet dancer!
  • Splendid: something is amazing, beautiful, or excellent.
  • Clumsy: the opposite of elegant! When someone is clumsy, they are awkward and not graceful.
  • Embarrassed: feeling upset because of something that went wrong or was silly and are afraid of what others might think.
  • Encouragement: when you support or help someone who is feeling embarrassed, scared, or sad. You can give them hope or courage. 
  • Entranced: filled with wonder and happiness; the other animals were filled with wonder and happiness when they watched Gerald dance to the music he loved. 


  • How did Gerald feel when the other animals made fun of his dancing?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed before?
  • What did the cricket tell Gerald to make him feel better?
  • Has anyone ever helped you feel better when you were sad or embarrassed? Have you ever helped anyone when they were feeling that way?
  • Who was more encouraging, the cricket or the other animals?
  • Who would you rather be friends with, the cricket or the other animals? Would you rather be a friend like the cricket or a friend like the animals who laughed at Gerald?
  • What is a song that you love?
  • Can you create some dance moves that go along with your favorite song?


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