Step Up To Science

Marvel at the inner workings of the human body, the wonder of light, and the technology of robots in this new permanent mezzanine-level exhibit. Step over to the Science Bar and order a hands-on demonstration or experiment.

Engineering & Technology +

Children and adults can test their problem solving skills by tackling engineering challenges.  Move your whole body to explore simple machines using VR technology and challenge yourself to pick up a ball using a robot arm. 

Human Body +

Dive into the major organ systems of the human body and discover how they  work together. Get an up close view of our body's senses and systems, follow food as it travels through the digestive system, and make a heart pump blood.

Light & Energy +

Experiment with different types of light and discover how it travels.  Explore the science of color with a large scale light box and bend light using prisms. 

Science Bar +

Grab a lab coat and pair of goggles and step on up to the Science Bar where children will participate in hands-on demonstrations lead by the Museum’s Professor Labcoat. Learn all about chemical reactions, germs, light, the human body and so much more.  


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