Literacy Thursdays: Iggy Peck, Architect

Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty

Vocab Words

Architect: Someone who designs buildings.
Architecture: The art of designing and constructing buildings.
Gleam: To shine brightly.
Gothic: Gothic is a style of architecture that was used a long time ago – about 900 years ago! Gothic architecture is very fancy; think of old castles with pointed arches, big windows, and buttresses (structures built against a wall to support that wall).
Romanesque: Romanesque is another style of architecture. It’s even older than gothic architecture! Romanesque architecture has lots of arches too, but they’re rounded arches instead of pointed ones. Romanesque buildings usually have small windows. 
Severe: Strict; harsh; intense. 

Discussion Questions

What did Iggy Peck like to do? What materials did he use to build?
What is something you like to do? What are some materials you have at home that you could use to build?
Why didn’t Ms. Greer like architecture and building?
How did Iggy save the day when the bridge collapsed?
Did Iggy repair the bridge himself or with others? (Architects need to work with a team!)
How did Ms. Greer feel about architecture and building at the end of the book?


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