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Celebrate Black History Month with us! During your visit, stop by the Science Bar, Art Studio, Jane's Innovation Station, and the CMA Stage where we'll highlight African American leaders in science, art, and innovation! Enjoy interactive storytimes, hands-on activities, and exciting experiments all month long.

Black History Month in the Art Studio


Celebrate Black collage artists from throughout history as you create your own amazing collage art pieces! Learn about artists like Vakseen (also known as Otha Davis III), a self-taught Black artist whose style of painting looks like a collage, but are actually hand-painted canvases!

Black History Month at the Science Bar


Learn all about the amazing Harriet Tubman, underground railroad conductor and Black history hero. Tubman made missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, including her family and friends, using the Underground Railroad. In this Science Bar activity, mix up invisible ink, and write your own secret message, then watch it appear! 

Black History Month at Jane's Innovation Station

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1...2...3...LIFT OFF! At Jane's Innovation Station, learn about stability and shock absorption as you create landers that will safely deposit aliens on their home planet. Use the principles of engineering as we celebrate Black astronauts such as Michael Anderson, Yvonne Darlene Cagle, and Mae C. Jemison this Black History Month! 

Black History Month on the CMA Stage

Garrett Morgan was an African American inventor, businessman, and community leader! Throughout Garrett's career, he invented haircare processing solutions, a smoke hood used for rescue missions, and his most notable invention, the three-position traffic signal. Join us for Red Light, Green Light in the spirit of Garret Morgan. We'll also learn more about his life and legacy on the CMA Stage.


Continue the Black History Month festivities and celebrate legendary black women from throughout history in this cute, inspiring book recounting their names and achievements, Dream Big, Little One! written by Vashti Harrison. Learn about icons like Wilma Rudolph, an Olympic champion, or Maya Angelou, a famous poet, and more!


Then, join us for a Cardboard Fashion Show! Celebrate the life and legacy of iconic Black fashion designers in this special CMA fashion show that ties in with our new exhibit, Outside the Box! Learn about Black fashion designers like Ann Lowe who designed dresses for movie stars for big award nights!


Get up off your feet and hear the music in the world around you during a musical story time of Before John Was A Jazz Giant written by Carole Boston Weatherford that celebrates John Coltrane, a famous jazz saxophonist, bandleader, and composer!


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