Art & Maker Wednesdays: Marble Art

Let’s get creative! Try this art project with us at home to learn the basics of color theory.

Materials & Instructions

Step 1: Place your paper onto your tray or baking sheet. Squirt a few small blobs of paint onto your paper. Try to use several different colors.

Step 2: Set your marbles (or other round objects) onto the paper and then begin to tilt the tray from side to side.

Step 3: Watch what happens as your marbles move through the paint! Continue tilting the tray until your marble art is done.

Wow! We’ve created some amazing artwork today. Let’s take a closer look at our work. Do you see any new colors that we didn’t have at the beginning?

Vocab List

Primary Colors: There are three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. We can make all the colors of the rainbow using just these three colors!

Secondary Colors: Secondary colors are created by mixing two primary colors together. Secondary colors are green, purple, and orange.

Warm Colors: Warm colors are red, yellow, and orange.

Cool Colors: Cool colors are blue, green, and purple.

How do warm colors make you feel?
How do cool colors make you feel?
If you felt angry, what color would you use to describe how you felt? What about happy? Calm? Sad? Excited?



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