Bring the Children's Museum of Atlanta to your school, daycare or community center with our in-school educational opportunities.



Georgia Grown - PreK thru 2nd Grade

  • Assembly Performance: Georgia Grown – In this 20-minute musical, children take an imaginary journey through Georgia and learn about why plants and trees are important to our lives. From producing healthy foods and cleaning the air to being used for everyday household products, this assembly is perfect for any student learning about Georgia crops and topographical features. In addition, this farm to table program covers STEM topics.
  • Workshop: Growing Vegetable Soup – In this fun workshop, students will begin growing their very own plant, review the life cycle of plants and delve into the world of imagination and farming as they plant, harvest, and prep their very own giant bowl of vegetable soup.
  • Educational Standards


Storms A Brewin' - PreK thru 5th Grade

  • Assembly Performance: Storm’s A Brewin’ – In this 20-minute musical, students help Weatherstrom, the friendly, neighborhood weather planner, stop his evil brother from causing a terrible thunderstorm. In order to do so, students must learn how different kinds of weather is made and how to protect themselves against the strongest of storms.
  • Workshop: The Imaginators will share a science experiment with your students. Choose one from the following list:
    • Let’s Evaporate! – What is evaporation? What are the stages of the water cycle? What is a cloud? How does it work? Children will learn about evaporation, explore the water cycle, and witness the creation of a cloud.
    • Funnel Madness – How does a tornado form? What makes it work? Children will create their own funnels in the classroom
  • Educational Standards


World Cultures - PreK thru 5th Grade

  • Assembly Performance: Around the World in 20 Minutes – Students help master explorer, Phineas Figg, travel the world in 20 minutes in this interactive musical that explores world cultures and fascinating points from around the globe.
  • Workshop: Dance around the World – Travel with us as we dance our way through Asia, The Americas, Africa and Europe. Various dance routines will be highlighted (Asia- Fan Dance, The Americas- Hat Dance, Africa-African Dance, Europe- Polka Band Dance) and will encourage your students to get out of their seats to enjoy some culture and lots of fun!
  • Educational Standards
Museum on the Go

*Mileage is added to all program costs.

All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Museum is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt & charitable organization. Our tax-exempt number is 58-1785484.


Science On-The-Go meets Georgia Early Learning Development Standards and Georgia Performance Standards


Hands-On Workshops ONLY | Educational Standards

Our Imaginator Scientists will visit your classroom and conduct a Science Workshop with your students. Choose from one of the following:

Gloopy Glop: (Pre-K through 5th) +

In this workshop students will watch bubbles overflow and create slime that they can bring home! We promise not to create explosions in your classroom!


Germ Fighters!: (K through 5th) +

Body systems and internal organs are explored, and children will learn strategies to keep their own Team Body strong against Team Germs!


Head in the Clouds: (Pre-K through 5th) +

Using a well-known song, children will explore the water cycle, and even get to experience a real cloud in their own classroom!


The Shocking Truth: (K through 5th) +

This lesson takes children through the basics of what electricity is and how we can use it.


Jacob Lawrence in the City: (K through 2nd) +

Explore Jacob Lawrence in the City with a splash of music and STEM as you bring this wonderful story to life. This fun workshop combines math and literacy to help children learn shapes and colors as they build their own cityscape.


Building Challenge!: (K through 5th) +

Jump into the fun world of engineering with this interactive STEM/Literacy session! Students will experience an interactive story then use math and engineering to create their very own three dimensional structures.


Science on the Go

Dates sell out quickly. Book at least three weeks in advance to better your chances of securing your preferred date for a visit from us. Call Reservations at 404.527.3693 or email Reservations. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. Deposits made by check have a 14 day grace period.

You should have at least two possible dates selected for your program, the number of children and classes you want to attend the program, and time of day you would like the program to start. You will also need enough space in your location to accommodate the number of students you have and the size of the performance space (depending on the program you wish to reserve).

School checks made out to Children’s Museum of Atlanta, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) are acceptable forms of payment. School check or school credit card must be used for tax exempt status.

Call as soon as possible to cancel or change a reservation. Reservations are held with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Organizations must cancel within 4 weeks of the scheduled program to apply the deposit to a different date within the same school year. Rescheduling a program is based on availability. Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to visit will result in forfeiture of 50% deposit.