When I am 2

Two-year-olds explore the world scientifically and are persistent. They repeat activities over and over, observing what happens as they experiments. They will keep doing something until they get it “right” (“right” according to a two-year-old, that is!).

Two-year-olds use simple words and are beginning to develop sentences and follow simple directions. Their social skills continue to develop and they get excited when they see other children or familiar adults. They thrive during make-believe play, continue to test physical boundaries, and are beginning to sort shapes and colors.

I am expressing my creative side through physical movement. I am continuing to learn how to control my body – including smaller movements.

Activity in the Museum: Head to On Stage CMA to watch or be a performer. Use a net or a rod to catch fish in the Fishing Pond in Leaping Into Learning.

I am curious about learning new things and like to experiment.

Activity in the Museum: Press the sand into molds at the Sand Tables in Let Your Creativity Flow.

I will try to figure out a solution to a problem and might eventually ask for help if I can’t figure it out.

Activity in the Museum: Link the trains together on the Continent Tables in Gateway to the World.

I am beginning to develop friendships and relate to adults and to other children.

Activity in the Museum: Explore the Delivery Truck in Fundamentally Food. Send a box down the ramp to a friend.

I am learning to make meaning from words and sentences and follow simple directions.

Activity in the Museum: Collect balls to put in bins and the Ball Machines that are within reach in Tools for Solutions.


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