A CON just for kids!

Held annually on Memorial Day weekend, TinyCON® is a multi-day celebration of fantasy, science fiction, and our favorite fictional universes! From hands-on fun like potions class to Jedi training, TinyCON® is fantastic for the whole family. We're taking pretend play out of this world - you don't want to miss this!

Costumes encouraged!

Last Year's TinyCON® Activities

Check out the fun we had last year at #TinyCON22!

Quest Design Challenge +

Embark on an adventure beyond your wildest fantasies! Use the engineering design process to build a contraption to aid your character on their quest. 

Bend Like the Avatar +

Train to become the Avatar through a variety of obstacle course activities!

Lightsaber Building +

Greetings young padawan! Make your own lightsaber and prepare for Jedi training. 

Here be dragons! +

Design a colorful, flying friend at our pop-up table and get ready to take to the stage and enter as a participant in the Dragon Tourney!

Jedi Training +

Become one with the force and practice your lightsaber moves at the CMA Stage. 

May the Best Dragon Win +

After you’ve built your dragon on the museum floor, bring it to the arena to have it face the ultimate challenge – a series of trials to see how far your dragon can fly!

Potions Class +

Venture to the Sorcerer’s Lab...if you dare! We're making special potions and learning about the science of magic.

Fly Like An Airbender +

Use the science of aerodynamics and the power of the Airbenders to make your own gliders, and launch them into the air!

Create Your Character +

Visitors to the Art Studio will be able to dream up their own amazing fantasy characters, ready to be an adventurer in a fantasy world of their creation!