TiNY Club: Thank You, Omu

November’s TiNY Club book of the month is Oge Mora’s Thank You, Omu! In the book, Omu shares her delicious stew with many people in her neighborhood. Her kindness and generosity encourage others to be kind and generous as well. In the end, they all come together over another meal to share their gratitude and love for one another.

As we enter this season of thankfulness and gratitude, think about the friends, family, and community members you are thankful for. How can you encourage them and thank them, even if you can’t gather together right now? 

Vocabulary Words:
Generous: To be kind and share happily with others.
Scrumptious: Very tasty and delicious. 
Waft: To pass or float through the air, like the smell of Omu’s stew. 
Delectable: Delicious.

Discussion Questions:
1. How did everyone know Omu was making stew?
2. What kind of food makes you hungry when you smell it?
3. Who came to eat Omu’s stew?
4. Omu shared her stew with lots of people in her neighborhood! What are some things that you can share? Discuss how you can share things that aren’t objects, like time or kind words. 
5. How did Omu make her friends feel when she shared her stew with them? How did Omu feel when her friends shared with her too at the end of the story?

Join us next week for a TiNY Club activity post related to Thank You, Omu!


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