TINY CLUB: Peaceful Yoga

Welcome back to Tiny Club Monday! Today, we’re going to learn some simple yoga poses inspired by lines from I Am Enough, our July book of the month. Check out our reading here, then try these poses at home. 

Before you begin, take a few deep breaths. Breathe in slowly and fill your lungs with air. Breathe out slowly and empty your lungs. In, out, in, out. Some people like to practice yoga with some calming music in the background. Some people like to practice yoga with upbeat music or with quiet. It’s up to you – whatever makes you feel strong and peaceful.

Like the sun, I’m here to shine.
☀️ I’m here to shine!

Can you stretch your arms out as far as possible like rays of sunshine? Reach, reach, reach! Reach to one side, then to the other. Now reach way up above your head. 

Great job!

Like the bird, I’m here to fly
and soar high over everything.
🕊 I’m here to fly!

Now we’re going to pretend to be a bird soaring in the sky. Lift one leg and stretch it back behind you. Lean forward and hold your arms along your side. Imagine you’re flying over the treetops.

Great job!

Like the trees, I’m here to grow.
🌳 I’m here to grow!

Stay in your bird pose, but stretch your arms out like an airplane. Bend your raised leg up and pretend that your raised leg and your arms are strong tree branches; your leg on the ground is the tree trunk. Now put your leg and arms down and stand tall. Take a few more deep breaths.

Like the mountains, here to stand. 
🏔 I’m here to stand!

Lunge forward with one leg while stepping the other foot back. Hold your hands straight up overhead like mountaintops. Take a few deep breaths. Switch sides and try it again. 

Like the heart, I’m here to love.
💛 I’m here to love!

Sit on the floor and squeeze your legs close to your body. Wrap your arms around your legs and sides and give yourself a great big hug. Take a few more deep breaths in and out.

I am enough. 

Thank you for practicing yoga with us! Check back next Monday for another Tiny Club blog post.


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