TiNY Club: Collage Art

For today’s Tiny Club, we’re going to take a closer look at author and illustrator Oge Mora’s collage art in Thank YouOmu!, our November Tiny Club book of the month. Watch the storytime if you haven’t!

Oge Mora used collage art to make the illustrations, or pictures, for her book. Collage art is when you combine different types of materials – like paper, photographs, and more – and paste them onto a background. Oge More used different kinds of paper and paint to create the pictures in Thank You, Omu!. Sometimes collages use materials that are of different thicknesses so that they stand out from the page. 

Today, we’re going to make our own collage using scraps of paper we have lying around the house. Learn more about Oge More’s creative process!


Paper: newspaper, magazines, scratch paper, envelopes – any kind of paper you don’t mind cutting up!
A sheet of paper


1. First, look through the paper you have. What colors do you like? Are there any pictures or photographs you’d like to use?

2. Cut out the pictures that stand out to you. If you have plain paper, cut out shapes.

3. Arrange your paper cut-outs onto your main sheet of paper. 

4. Lastly, use your glue to glue down the paper. Now you have a collage!

Try making Thanksgiving or holiday cards with your new found art style!


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