Music Mondays: DIY Drums

It’s time for another Music Monday! Today we’re going to make drums and shakers out of recycled materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

Materials & Instructions

Recycled food containers (old coffee canisters, empty peanut cans, an empty jar of Pringles – whatever you have on hand will work!)
Recycled water bottles 
Masking tape or duct tape
Beads, uncooked rice, or dry beans
Markers or other decorating supplies

STEP 1. Let’s start with our drums! First, find the biggest empty containers that you have. Make sure they have a lid to go on top. You can peel off the wrapper or cover the container in paper or tape if you would like to decorate your drums. 
STEP 2. Now it’s time to make our drumsticks. We used some twigs we found in the yard and covered them with duct tape.
STEP 3. Now that our drums are ready, let’s make some shakers. Put a handful of beads, rice, or beans inside your empty water bottle and screw the lid back on tightly. You can also decorate the outside of your shakers.
STEP 4. It’s time to play! Take your drumsticks and tap them on your drums; move your shakers from side to side. Try using your drumsticks on the plastic lid and then on the metal bottom. Which side is louder?


Crescendo: When music becomes louder and louder. Can you create a crescendo with your drums and shakers?
Decrescendo: When music becomes quieter and quieter. Another word for this is diminuendo. Can you create a decrescendo with your drums and shakers?
Improvise: When people improvise with music, that means they create a song as they play. Can you improvise a song with your family?


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