Literacy Thursdays: Storytime with Trevor

Vocab Words

Flitter: When something moves very fast, or when a bird or insect flaps their wings quickly and lightly, it flitters! Butterflies flitter when they fly.
Slither: When something slithers, it moves or slides smoothly over the ground with side to side movements. Mouse’s snail friend slithers across the ground.
Plump: When something is plump, it is rounded and filled out. Mouse met a plump bird.
Peep: When someone peeps, it means that they are looking at something very quickly and that they might be hidden behind something. Did you notice how the frog peeped out from behind the plants? Have you ever peeped around a corner?
Cozy: When something is warm, comfortable, and makes you feel at home, it is cozy!

Discussion Questions

1. Mouse and Momma are going for a walk on a windy day. Have you ever been outside on a windy day? What did that feel like?
2. What animals did Mouse and Momma meet on their walk? Have you seen any of those animals on your walks? 
3. Mouse and Momma are finding lots of signs of springtime on their walk! Birds singing, butterflies fluttering, and flowers blooming. What are some other signs of springtime?
4. What is something that makes you feel cozy? It could be a room, a blanket, a type of food, a person, or something else!


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