Latinx Heritage Month!

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with us! During your visit, stop by the Art Studio, Jane's Innovation Station, and the CMA Stage where we're highlighting Latinx leaders in science and art! We'll have hands-on fun and interactive storytimes all month long.

Latinx Heritage Month at the Art Studio


Let your creativity flow in the Art Studio and create your very own Cubist self-portrait! Ignacio Gómez Jaramillo was a Colombian painter, drawer and muralist. After studying in Spain, France, and Mexico, Jaramillo went on to become one of Colombia’s most important 20th-century artists, playing an important role in the country’s mural movement and experimenting with cubism.

Latinx Heritage Month in Jane's Innovation Station


Join us in Jane’s Innovation Station to learn about Venezuelan Zoologist Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, and her work and research in social behavior of animals, as you design your own habitats and enclosures! Tang-Martinez studied animal social behavior, communication, and how they recognize family. Her researched has focused on gerbils, voles, hamsters, black-tailed prairie dogs, eastern chipmunks, deer mice, and capybaras, raccoons, otters, and more. 

Latinx Heritage Month at the CMA Stage


Come by the CMA Stage for a special storytime to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month! Join Alma as she learns about her family’s history, and where her name comes from in this beautifully illustrated story by Juana Martinez-Neal. Juana Martinez-Neal is the daughter and granddaughter of painters. She started her story in Lima, Peru, and then moved to the United States. She is a writer and illustrator living in Arizona.


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