Latinx Heritage Month!

Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with us!
During your visit, stop by the Art Studio, Science Bar, Jane's Innovation Station, and the CMA Stage where we're highlighting Latinx artists, scientists, and innovators! We'll have hands-on fun and interactive storytimes all month long.

Latinx Heritage Month Special Guests


Join us on the CMA Stage Saturday, September 23 for a special performance of Maculelê-Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian dance. Maculelê is a martial art dance where a number of people gather in a circle called a roda. See the day’s schedule for more information.


Get ready for Alma Mexicana on Saturday, September 30. Enjoy a special performance that presents traditional Mexican dance. See the day’s schedule for more information.

Latinx Heritage Month at the Art Studio

Let your creativity flow in the Art Studio and create your very own amazing, action-packed comic! Learn about some of the most influential Latinx comic book artists like Emma Ríos, Marcos Martin, and José Villarrubia who have helped create art for comics such as the Amazing Spider-Man, Doctor Strange: The Oath, Batman: Year 100, and more!

Latinx Heritage Month at the Science Bar

At the Science Bar, celebrate the accomplishments of Puerto Rican physician, José Celso Barbosa, as we talk about staying healthy, and celebrating the most important part of our body – our hearts! Barbosa was one of the first African Puerto Rican to receive a medical degree in the United States of America. He worked very hard to make sure more people got the medical help they need!

Latinx Heritage Month in Jane's Innovation Station

Join us in Jane’s Innovation Station to design a roller coaster car and learn about Alfredo Ayala, who works as an imagineer for Walt Disney Imagineering. Alfredo helps develop themed attractions and rides for the Disney parks in Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California, and has helped the company secure ten different patents – an official way to claim a new, groundbreaking idea as your own!

Latinx Heritage Month at the CMA Stage



Come by the CMA Stage for a special storytime to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month! Join us on an adventure with Ren and Ava filled with imagination, the magic of friendship, and learn all the different ways we make a new place feel like home from this beautifully illustrated story by Zara Gonzalez Hoang, a Puerto Rican children's author. Gonzalez Hoang has written many books inspired by her and her father's childhoods in Puerto Rico.


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