Literacy Thursdays: The Rainbow Fish

Vocab Words

Ordinary: Normal; not special. 
Glide: To move smoothly and quietly.
Shock: A feeling of surprise or upset. The little blue fish was shocked when the Rainbow Fish wouldn’t share one of his scales. 
Emerge: To move out of or away from something so that others can see you. 
Peculiar: Strange, different, and unusual. 
Possession: An item that you own.

Discussion Questions:

Discussion Questions:
1. What made the Rainbow Fish so special at the beginning of the book? Why?
2. Why didn’t the other fish like the Rainbow Fish? 
3. Why didn’t the Rainbow Fish want to share his shiny scales?
4. How did the Rainbow Fish feel after he gave a scale to the little blue fish?
5. What made the Rainbow Fish so special at the end of the book? Why?
6. Have you ever shared something before? How did it make you feel?

Want more Rainbow Fish fun? Check out the official Rainbow Fish website!


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