CMA Town Square: Ep. 3

Opportunities and quality of experience can vary widely from one public school to the next. Our Town Square discussion with Dr. Brian Williams highlights the challenges that prevent true equity across and within schools in a district and how community members can work to remedy this problem. By exploring the impact of the “at-risk” designation on schools, curriculum, teachers and families and delineating the subtle ways parents in different communities are either encouraged or discouraged from actively participating in their child’s schooling, this discussion should help community members identify and address inequity in our school systems.

This conversation is geared toward everyone with an interest in equity in education including parents, educators, and political leaders.    

Episode Resources

Teaching Voting Rights in the Time of Coronavirus
Learning Policy Institute: Learning in the Time of COVID-19
Quality Education as a Constitutional Right
Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence – Sources Conference
Benjamin E. Mays Lecture


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