Art & Maker Wednesday: At Home Makerspace

Today, let’s talk about one way you can encourage the same kind of open-ended play from home: creating a makerspace on your kitchen table! 


Makerspace: A makerspace is a space equipped with tools and materials that can be used to invent, explore, share, and learn. A makerspace doesn’t have to be high tech in order to encourage creativity – it can be as simple as a collection of household objects.
Invent: To create or design something new!
Catapult: A catapult is an example of a lever. Levers (like seesaws) help lift heavy weights; catapults can launch those weights into the air. A long time ago, catapults were used to throw heavy rocks over castle walls.
Pulley: Pulleys use ropes and wheels to move heavy loads. Imagine a bucket being lowered into a well. 
Collaborate: To work together on a project; to work together to create something new. Inventors collaborate on their designs.
Iggy Peck is a GREAT book for fans of makerspaces!


Up to you! You can use whatever you have on hand: string, tape, scissors, paper cups, plastic spoons, paper clips, fabric, binder clips, paper, a stapler, coffee filters, beads, yarn, paper plates…the list is endless.

Try your best to organize the materials in a way that lets your kiddos see everything available. You may want to start with just a handful of materials and then add additional materials and tools as your children work in the space over time. This gives your kids the opportunity to interact with the materials without feeling overwhelmed by their options. 


  • Give your children time to explore the materials and experience trial and error.
  • If they get stuck, ask questions to guide them: “Why do you think that happened?” or “What would happen if you tried this?”
  • Allow them to take the lead.
  • Remember that boredom or feeling stuck is not necessarily a bad thing! Creativity, discovery, and break-throughs can all come from boredom. Let your kids know boredom can be good because it can lead to new things. 



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