Celebrate Earth Month

March 31 - April 27
Take a trip to Children's Museum of Atlanta and discover what part you can play in protecting Mother Earth!


This Earth Month, kiddos can enjoy fun-filled activities centered around our planet. We'll learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle all around the Museum!

Make Seed Paper +

In Jane's Innovation Station, make your own seed paper and explore the plant life cycle.

Scavenger Hunt +

We're going on a scavenger hunt around the Museum in search of items that don’t always find their way into the trash.

Earth Month Storytime +

Stop by the CMA Stage and enjoy, '10 Things I Can Do to Help My World' written and illustrated by Melanie Walsh.

My Place On Earth +

In the Art Studio, design a beautiful book that celebrates community in the world that YOU live in!

Sorting Challenge +

At the Science Bar, we're learning about recycling by playing a trash, compost, or recycle matching game.

Save The World +

Help save the world at the Science Bar by sorting the objects in this Earth Month activity. Geared towards children ages 1-5!

Grow Your Garden +

Step into our garden in Jane's Innovation Station and practice your counting and sorting skills. Geared towards children ages 1-5!

TiNY CLUB Tree Transpiration +

Find out how water moves through plants with an outdoor activity at home! Check it out here.

TiNY CLUB: Leaf Rubbings +

In this activity, learn how trees get their nutrients with leaf vines! Check it out here.


Huge thanks to our sponsor who helped make Earth Month possible!