Literacy Thursdays: Violet’s Music

Violet’s Music written by Angela Johnson and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith

Vocab Words

Onomatopoeia: A word that sounds like what it represents. “Boom,” “bang,” and “plink” are all examples of onomatopoeia. 
Persistence: Continuing on even when things are hard. Violet was disappointed when she didn’t find others to make music with her, but she showed persistence when she kept looking. 
Badminton: A game that is played with rackets where players hit an item called a shuttlecock back and forth across a net. 

Discussion Questions

1. What examples of onomatopoeia can you find in Violet’s Music?
2. Are there any examples of onomatopoeia that you can think of that weren’t in the book?
3. What does Violet love to do?
4. What do you love to do?
5. Who is Violet looking for?
6. Who did Violet find at the end of the book? How did she feel?


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