Literacy Thursdays: Storytime with Trevor!


What was the problem with King Bidgood?

Why didn’t King Bidgood want to get out of the bathtub?

How did the Page solve the problem?

Have you ever had to be creative and solve a problem?

King Bidgood might have stayed in the tub a little too long, but baths are important. Why do we take baths and showers? 


Page: A long, long time ago, pages were children who were learning how to be knights. In the book, the Page was the only person able to finally get King Bidgood out of the bathtub!

Court: Court is word that has a few different meanings. In this book, the word court means all the people who work closely with a king or queen and help them rule. 

Masquerade: Masquerade means to pretend to be someone you’re not. At a masquerade ball, everyone wears masks so they can’t be recognized!

Hygiene: Hygiene is when we do things that keep us healthy. King Bidgood might have been stubborn, but he had good hygiene because he made sure he was very clean. We can also practice hygiene when we wash our hands and brush our teeth.


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