Demolition Derby!

Are your children fascinated by the world of construction? Do they know more about backhoe loaders, wreckers, piledrivers, and bulldozers than you do? Probably! Kids love to watch demolition and construction, and with that in mind, we wondered what sort of equipment will be coming into our Museum for our renovation in early August.

Our Manager of Exhibits, Rachel Towns, reached out to DPR Hardin Construction, who will be bringing in the big tools, and learned what they plan to use in order to transform our current space into the NEW Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

For all the high work, including installing new lighting and working on our new mezzanine, Step Up to Science, the crew will have a pair of scissor lifts. This is a mechanized access platform, a portable, hydraulic-powered lift that can be raised into the air directly above the base.

They’ll also be bringing a mini-excavator to tear down certain items and help load debris. These are fairly common in the construction industry. It is a fairly small machine with a backfill blade, and moves on treads.

To remove parts of the flooring and install the mezzanine area, the crew will also have a skid steer. The workers doing this part of the job will be using hydraulic powered concrete saws and chipping hammers for concrete demolition. A skid steer is often known by the brand name “Bobcat,” although quite a few different companies make these vehicles. It’s kind of like the way, for years, everybody called every brand of photocopier a “Xerox machine”!

We’re sorry that, for safety reasons, your children won’t be able to see these machinery in operation. On the other hand, if they’re a little blue because they won’t be able to play in the Museum for a few months, perhaps you can share this post with them, break out the toy construction equipment and blocks and make believe with them that you’re building your own children’s museum! Then join us in late 2015 to see what our new space looks like!

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