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Science for Preschoolers is Fun!

One of the many things adults assume about pre-school age children is that they are too “young” to do science. And if you see science as mysterious green solutions fizzing in tubes and occasionally going “bloop!” or worse, “BOOM!!” that is probably true. But what child development and science education experts know is that young…

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Tuesday Tucks Me In

“Tuesday” is coming to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta this Friday! Don’t know who Tuesday is? He is the golden retriever featured in the new nonfiction children’s book “Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and His Service Dog” by Luis Carlos Montalván. Montalván is not only a New York Times best-selling…

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The Harvest Moon Festival

Ch’usok, also known as the Korean Harvest Moon Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which means the date changes yearly on our calendar. It is marked by the rising of the full moon and celebrates families’ ancestors for giving them a good harvest. While most people see this holiday…

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