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Celebrate Black History Month with us! During your visit, stop by the Science Bar, Art Studio, Jane's Innovation Station, and the CMA Stage where we'll highlight African American leaders in science, art, and innovation! Enjoy interactive storytimes, hands-on activities, and exciting experiments all month long.

Black History Month in the Art Studio


Alma Thomas was an artist and teacher known for creating abstract art inspired by the beautiful trees and flowers around her. Taking over the 20th century with her "exuberant" and colorful art, Alma became the first African-American woman to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art and is recognized as an influential painter to this day. Explore the power of creativity like Alma did in the Art Studio and create your own luminous, contemplative masterpieces.

Black History Month at the Science Bar


Blast off! Follow in the footsteps of mathematician and astronomer Walter McAfee at the Science Bar and learn about the lunar cycle with your friends at CMA! Walter McAfee was an African American astronomer and scientist who helped launch the Space Age and is most known for his work on Project Diana. His mathematical equations helped scientists bounce radar waves off the moon! This laid the groundwork for radio communications beyond the earth with space probes and astronauts.

Black History Month at Jane's Innovation Station


In the 19th century, Alexander Miles was a famous Black inventor who is most known for inventing elevator doors that would automatically open and close to make them safer. In 2007 he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame! Can your little engineer create an elevator to safely transport passengers? Find out in Jane's Innovation Station as you ignite your inner Alexander Miles!

Black History Month on the CMA Stage

Black History Month 22' Web Banners

Garrett Morgan was an African American inventor, businessman, and community leader! Throughout Garrett's career, he invented haircare processing solutions, a smoke hood used for rescue missions, and his most notable invention, the three-position traffic signal. Join us for Red Light, Green Light in the spirit of Garret Morgan. We'll also learn more about his life and legacy on the CMA Stage.


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