When I Am…in 3rd Grade


Third graders are still building their big and small muscles and may enjoy riding bikes, jumping, running, and rough-and-tumble games with peers. They are starting to read for understanding and their world is expanding beyond themselves. Third graders may enjoy being a part of a team or group.

Third graders are able to talk through and solve problems. They may be interested in puns as their vocabulary skills increase. Although third graders are gaining independence and academic knowledge, their ability to process and understand is enhanced tremendously by conversations with knowledgeable adults.

Self-directed play is an important part of a third-graders’ development and should be encouraged.

Recommended Books & Resources

  • Bake Shop Ghost by Jaqueline Ogburn
  • Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine
  • Kamishibai Man by Allen Sai
  • Roxie and the Hooligans by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor