Museum Focus Areas

The Museum provides highly engaging, immersive, informal learning focused on the whole child. Children latch on to what is fun and interesting, exploring their world.


The arts are vital to the development of young minds and bodies. Through music, visual arts, and performing arts children learn motor skills, increase their vocabulary, embrace and express their creativity, and are exposed to different world cultures and points of view.

Culture & Geography

Experiencing a wide variety of world cultures through food, art, music, dance, stories, and celebrations opens young minds up to the rich diversity our world has to offer. Exploring geography through water models, topography, and animal migration provides a strong understanding of different climates and cultures.


Hands-on, project-based learning is the essence of engineering. If you’ve ever watched children at play, you know they are fascinated with taking things apart and rebuilding them again and again. They are natural engineers and the Museum provides large scale opportunities for them to create whatever they can imagine.

Health & Wellness

It’s never too early to learn about healthy eating options and the importance of exercise. Museum exhibits and programs teach children how to cook healthy meals, make positive lifestyle choices, and explore locally grown fruits and vegetables.


Storytime plays a crucial role in developing a child’s love of reading and providing the building blocks for a strong vocabulary. Museum exhibits and programs provide age-appropriate tools to bring reading and other literary skills to life in creative and immersive ways.


Math skills taught in early childhood education provide the foundation children need to succeed later in life. At the Museum, informal math instruction is a component of several exhibits. Whether your child is counting the number of eggs in the chicken coup or building a birdhouse in the Build It Lab, math is a part of almost everything we do.


Science is everywhere! Whether you are planting a garden, recycling the trash, cooking a meal…science is behind the scenes making the “magic” happen. In addition to exhibits, the Museum’s Imaginator team spends hours creating fun, immersive, science demonstrations for our guests to experience and enjoy.

Social & Emotional

Healthy social-emotional development is the groundwork needed to form trusting relationships with others, play, face challenges, communicate clearly and manage all of their emotions.


Interactive kiosks throughout the Museum let children experience life on a farm, increase their early learning vocabulary, and demonstrate geographical differences on Earth and beyond.

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