Daily Programs

A day at the Museum includes a wide variety of hands-on and creative programs which highlight the Museum's focus areas. Daily programs are included in the price of admission.

Music & Movement

Educational Focus: Arts, Health & Wellness, Culture & Geography

  • Kids dance, sing and get their body moving during this popular program.

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Under the Big Top

Educational Focus: Health & WellnessLiteracy, Social & Emotional 

  • Program Dates: May 29 – June 8, 2018
  • The Under the Big Top Programs happen between the Spring and Summer traveling exhibits.
  • This fun, engaging and energetic program is circus themed and full of fun ways to engage with every program.

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Eat a Georgia Rainbow

Educational Focus: Health & Wellness, Culture & Geography 

  • Join the Imaginators for this seasonal program that features fruits and vegetables that can be harvested in Georgia throughout the year.
  • Participate in a cold-cooking activity and enjoy your tasty results.
  • Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

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Around the World with Words

Educational Focus: Literacy, Social & Emotional, Arts 

  • Program Dates: September 10 – 21, 2018
  • The Around the World with Words Programs happen between the Summer and Fall traveling exhibits.
  • These programs bring literacy and culture to our guests in an engaging and hands-on way. Globally-themed, these programs are best experienced when fully immersed.

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Educational Focus: Arts, Literacy 

  • The Imaginators will sing and dance their way through original stories and songs that highlight themes such as anti-bullying, cooperation, recycling, and much more.

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Super Spectacular Science Show

Educational Focus: Science, Health & Wellness 

  • Join Professor Labcoat and explores the world around us through hands-on, science demonstrations.
  • Professor Labcoat loves questions and participation! Be ready to raise your hand and join the fun!

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Build It Lab

Educational Focus: Engineering, Technology, Social & Emotional 

  • Classes scheduled every half hour. Sign up for available class times at the Build It Lab doors!
  • Older children (ages 6-9) will enjoy this supervised space where they have access to real tools and materials needed to spark creativity, nurture curious minds, and ignite the next wave of innovators.
  • Woodworking and other popular maker skills encourage visitors to be curious, creative, and innovative.

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Art Studio

Educational Focus: Arts, Science, Social & Emotional 

  • Classes scheduled every half hour. Sign up for available class times at studio doors!
  • Children discover colors and sounds and explore artists and music from around the world.
  • The projects in the Studio connect and are inspired by the other exhibits in the Museum and change throughout the year.

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Sewing Thursdays

Educational Focus:Arts, Social & Emotional

  • Parents, Guardians and their children will work together to hand sew appliques. Classes will be open studio so drop in and stay as long as you wish.
  • Children discover colors and explore artists from around the world. The projects in the Art Studio connect and are inspired by the traveling exhibits in the museum as well as cultural holidays.

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Cultural Explorations

Educational Focus: Culture & Geography, Arts, Social & Emotional 

  • Celebrate world cultures with music, storytimes, and crafts.
  • Visiting community groups often join us in the celebration of cultural holidays.

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Educational Focus: Literacy, Social & Emotional, Arts MultiContent_Storytime

  • Grab your favorite blanket and join the Imaginators for an interactive journey through some of your favorite storybooks.

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Museum Calendar

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