Party Arrival & Check-In

Host Arrival & Check-in

  • Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled party time.  Check in at the party desk, across from the Museum store – the Museum will have a cart available, it will be provided to you to help bring all of your items into the building. If possible, park temporarily on Centennial Olympic Park Drive and turn on your vehicle hazard lights to unload party items.
  • Relax and enjoy the day. When you arrive at the Museum, your party host will do whatever he or she can to make you, your guest of honor and guests feel special and relaxed.
  • Schedule pizza or other deliveries to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled room/table time to prevent unexpected delays.
  • After your guests explore and play on the Museum floor, take 15 minutes prior to your room/table time to gather everyone and head to the party location.

Party Guests Check-In

  • Birthday party guests may bypass the ticket line in the Welcome Center (lobby) and go straight to the Party Check-In desk across from the Museum Store.
  • Guests must leave gifts at the Party Check-In desk. Each party will have a designated cart that will be moved into the party room or next to the lunch tables.
  • Party Guests will receive a stamp on their hands. This helps the Party Hosts keep track of everyone throughout the day.
  • Please ensure that all children who attend your party are supervised while in the Museum exhibit area.  For safety and security reasons, the Museum’s policy is to tend to unattended children and reunite them with their caregivers. You as the host are responsible for ensuring all party guests are supervised at all times in the Museum.