Sep 16, 2017 - Jan 15, 2018

Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit!

Sid the Science Kid: The Super-Duper Exhibit! brings the hit PBS KIDS TV show to life! Familiar environments within the show were recreated to give visitors the sense that they are truly inside Sid’s world.


It’s “Breakfast Time!” Set the table with a healthy breakfast, weigh and sort items in the pantry, and use your senses to investigate spices and utensils.

Sid’s Room

Design your own “Super-Duper-Ooper-Schmooper Big Idea!” or put Sid’s toys away into the toy box using a lever.


Get hands-on with simple machines, just like Sid does in the show, as you send stuffed animals up into a tree house with the help of a pulley and use a toy shovel as a lever to catapult toys into a toy box.


Take a survey, explore the senses and simple machines, use real science tools and create journals to record observations.


We're so thankful to our generous sponsors, who help make visiting exhibits like this one possible. We are thankful for the ability to be able to bring new and exciting exhibits to the community of Atlanta.