Jan 27, 2018 - May 28, 2018


The vibrant community of Healthyville® is home to residents of all ages who try every day to live active, healthy lifestyles. This exhibit provides children and adults with hands-on opportunities to explore nutrition and fitness in ways that help them understand their bodies, understand the importance of making healthy choices and apply concepts in everyday situations.

Good Foods Market & Cafe +

Shop, scan food and learn to create healthy meals. Belly up
to the digestive juice bar, an interactive model of the human
digestive system that illustrates what happens to food after
you eat it. Gulp!

Nutrition Balance +

Balance your energy in with your energy out. Choose your
favorite activities and design your own healthy snack.

Healthyville Park +

Get moving! Hop on a bike or row a boat alongside a
skeleton to see how your bones work. Explore how activities
affect heart rate. A large billboard shows children how the
cardiovascular and respiratory systems work. Play it safe—
learn about safety equipment and precautions that protect you.

Healthyville Care Center +

Medical coats and scrubs are ready for role-playing. Learn about colds, asthma and allergies. Study x-rays and explore Healthyville resident patient charts. Explore a giant nose. Get smile smart while you practice flossing


We're so thankful to our generous sponsors, who help make visiting exhibits like this one possible. We are thankful for the ability to be able to bring new and exciting exhibits to the community of Atlanta.